Dad's letter from Putin and Medal

Another Proud Moment For My Family

By on 31/08/2015

As my nephew Daniel said, “It isn’t every day you get a letter from Vladimir Putin” – But that is just what happened to my dad recently.letter from Vladimir Putin and Dad's medal

He was awarded “The Commemorative Medal, Marking the 70th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War” (WWII). Presented to those serving in the British Royal Navy and their allies the Navy of the Soviet Union.  I don’t think my dad will be able to wear many more medals without falling over from the weight.  Fortunately he also has a set of much smaller dress medals for most occasions.

Feeling Proud.  My dad is 94 years young.


Pyramid Jazz Box1

It’s A Mystery – But I’m so pleased with it.

By on 12/08/2015

Pyramid Jazz Box1

When I started making this Pyramid Box, I wasn’t sure what it was going to turn out to be.  I saw one on a website called Scrap happens here, but there were no instructions. In fact the lady was using it simply as a box to choose names from scraps of paper that she had placed inside. however, I wanted one so badly that I decided to try to make one. and here it is. Pyramid Jazz Box two Sides Open with crystal

This is a picture showing the box with two sides open. I decided that my box would be a small stand for all sorts of small items.  This photograph shows it with a small crystal Pyramid, but I had other ideas too.

Pyramid Jazz Box with Tuba Top View I found this little tuba on ebay and thought it would be perfect seeing that my box was decorated with vintage G45 Jazz design paper.

I shall be running classes to make this little box in September and October,  so if it is something you would like to try, let me know by leaving a comment below. One of my students is going to make her’s in a Japanese style and has purchased a small doll dressed in geisha to stand in her box. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

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