My haul from this mornings walk around my HOOD

By on 09/05/2016

I managed to get a half an hour walk in this morning before the clouds closed over and the rain came.

Autumn morning in the Yarra Valley

Autumn morning in the Yarra Valley

It is still very warm for the time of year and I can’t help wondering how long it is going to last.  Does this mean winter will be longer than usual too?

Autumn is such an interesting time of year.  I collected lots of bits and pieces on my walk.  Some gorgeous gumnuts, leaves, and bright red flowers from the gumtrees on my route past the school. The cheeky magpies didn’t seem to be bothered by my presence at all and ventured close as I rummaged through the treasure on the ground. Probably more interested in an unsuspecting worm or grub that might be uncovered.

Although I always look forward to the renewal of spring, I am enjoying this season and all it has to offer.


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